Why Tripura Biotech?

Years of research and expertise helped us understand the needs of plants in home gardens to flourish

  • Fully Natural

    All our products are purely extracted from nature without any chemicals ensuring zero side effects on your plants while contributing to their natural growth

  • Easy-to-use

    While ensuring maximum efficiency of the products on the plants, we made them as easy as just spraying over your plants or mixing them in the soil to give you a hassle-free experience

  • Odour-free

    Even while using the best of natural ingredients, we made sure that our products don't give out any smell which makes it possible for you to use them on your indoor plants

  • Pet & Baby Friendly

    While using them on your plants in your home gardens, you no longer need to worry about the risk of your pets or children getting in contact with the plants after using the products

Our range of products

We built a cycle of rotating the ingredients across different processes resulting in fully organic and natural products

Constantly evolving for a sustainable environment

Our R&D team constantly strives towards making our products better and natural by sourcing knowledge from various sources and honest feedback from our customers. We aim to eliminate the synthesized products from the market for a sustainable environment for generations to come

Other verticals

Beyond just home gardening products, we are a well-known name in the market for various products that contribute towards building a sustainable environment

Tripura Biotech Limited

Food Ingredients

Pure and natural food ingredients that have all the nutritional values that they are supposed to contain

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Tripura Biotech Limited

Agri inputs

Safe, natural and certified products to support the healthy practices of organic farming

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Tripura Biotech Limited

Live Stock Feed

Natural supplements that provide all the essential nutrients to the live stock to stay healthy and fitz

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Home Gardeners Community

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From the fellow home gardeners

Here's what people are saying about their experience with our products and how their home gardens transformed

Tripura Biotech Limited
Had purchased the leaf glow recently tried it on both indoor and outdoor plants could say the best product in market right now The results were amazing and Worth the price paid
Teja Amazing results!
Tripura Biotech Limited
Very good for all flowering plants. Started seeing results in less than week. Most fascinating thing about the product is that it’s completely organic.
Anusha Manikonda excellent for flowering plants!!
Tripura Biotech Limited
Tripura Super Grow product is excellent & it usefull on vegetable crops on terrace garden. Product is very easy to use.
Amazon Customer Excellent product
Tripura Biotech Limited
Tripura grow gold product is excellent result oriented product. Easy to use. Eco friendly product. I can order once again
shravya Great product.