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Sep 18 , 2021


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Common Gardening Mistakes Done By Beginners

In today’s day and age, having the best garden is a luxury as it acts as a stress reliever and as an antidepressant. Considering the execution of urban gardening, with the knowledge of basic gardening techniques, to enjoy the fruit of a good environment and health might also bring along mistakes. Because, either us or the plants won’t grow without mistakes. But, putting plants at stake for mistakes might cost us our patience and time. 

The best gardening tips and tricks for beginners on the internet are usually all the same. So, here, we gathered the top most common mistakes when planting in the home garden to help you with the tips for gardening at home. 

  • Watering the plants right 

Basics of gardening teach us to water plants according to the schedule. But, we simply over water the plants without even checking the soil. The mistakes of overwatering or underwatering the plants, the watering techniques range differently. Simple thumb rule for watering the plants right is: Water the plants on the ground until the soil is wet enough. And for the plants grown in containers, stop watering until you see water draining from the holes. 

  • Not feeding the plants right 

We need to feed plants like how we feed our pets. TBL Tripura has a wide range of plant foods that help in super bloom of flowers, ultimate growth of roots and full healthy ripening of fruits and vegetables. Never leave plants hungry. 

  • Crowding the plants 

Regardless of the size of the area of your home garden, never overcrowd the plants as their growth might get stunted. When sowing seeds, consider good amounts of space no matter if they’re grown in the grounds or the containers.

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