Most Common Gardening Questions Answered!

Sep 18 , 2021


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Most Common Gardening Questions Answered!

Home and gardening are two different things to maintain. Home gardeners are a lot like artists. Shake up a home gardener, he or she will have their own best gardening tips and tricks under their hats. But, no matter how great a home garden is maintained, every season brings different challenges like wrongly grown fruits, flower drops, bugs and insects that question home gardeners’ craft.
There are tons of super practical tips for gardening ideas at home that exist which possess natural advantages like having access to fresh produce of food and a positive impact on the environment by a promise of health to the whole family.

Here are the answers for the most common gardening questions:

How much and how often should you water the plants?
Say no to the water schedule. Yes, you heard that right. A lot of home gardening tips suggest you maintain a water schedule for the plants. As nature is unpredictable, the water schedule is never accurate as you might end up underwatering or overwatering plants. Simple solution to this question is to just check if your garden needs water by placing a finger in the soil.
If the soil is wet, there’s no need for watering. But, if it’s dry, then the plant is thirsty. That’s how we save nature.

Should you feed your plants?
Feeding your plants is an ultimate, wise idea especially for the plants you grow in the containers. For starters, TBL Tripura products do a great job from the beginning of planting to the ultimate harvest of your home garden.

Can cheap plants stay alive for long?
Whether you buy plants from your local nursery or from a fancy market, when it comes to the maintenance of plants, it’s all on you as a home garden owner.

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