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Sep 18 , 2021


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Make Your Own Terrace Vegetable Garden

Rooftop vegetable gardens are gardens that have a different range of plants from vegetables to fruits to flowers grown on terraces, balconies or roofs of buildings. Due to the occurrence of various world events in the past year, many Indian households have set up terrace gardens as the main source of vegetables and fruits. 

New house owners still wonder how to set up terrace gardens with appropriate design and materials, how long will it take for the plants to flourish etc.., 

To implement and execute the accurate rooftop vegetable garden ideas, a great amount of patience and a good amount of time is needed as it isn’t a one time thing but a best investment on health.

We are here to answer how to set up a terrace garden along with Indian terrace garden ideas. 

  • Ideal place to start a terrace garden.  
  • Terrace gardening ideas are suitable for almost all kinds of individual houses, residential flats, commercial hubs, factories and godowns.  

  • Practical measures before using roofs as terrace gardens
  • It is mandatory to waterproof the roofs to begin. To begin with, it is mandatory to waterproof the roofs before terrace gardening vegetables and fruits. 

  • Do roots of plants cause harm to the building? 
  • Plants with tap roots might cause harm but not the plants with fibrous roots. TBL Tripura Gro Gold organically helps in the best growth of plants in home gardens. 

  • What kind or type of containers are to be used? 
  • Containers of any shape or any size and material can be used ranging from plastic water bottles, containers, broken buckets (both plastic or steel)

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