To become a leading Indian based MNC that produces innovative, eco-friendly, cost-effective and high-quality organic products for sustainable agriculture through biotech manufacturing processes and also provide an opportunity to the young and enthusiastic individuals who have the potential to bring a difference with their R&D



Our Promise

We believe that nature is superior to all of us. Hence, we aim to keep all our processes and products as natural and organic as possible. We aim to fully eliminate the usage of synthetic products that cause damage to the nature when they are used in farming and agriculture

Tripura Biotech Limited (TBL), the future of natural and organic farming, earning, livestock feed and food ingredients

Nature has everything we need in it. All we need to do is identify the right processes to harness the power of nature and build a sustainable environment that protects it. With rigorous R&D, our products are ever-evolving to become as pure and as natural as they can get. In this process, after looking at how amazing the results from natural products would be, we can eliminate the use of harmful synthetic products that affect both us and nature in a very bad way. Our processes are built on interdependent cycles between different elements extracted from nature with no intervention of synthetic products. After using our products, our customers have understood the value of these natural and organic alternatives and are joining us in the mission to conserve nature for the future generations



To bring a new dimension in the farming and agricultural industry with new-age natural and organic products by putting our expertise and knowledge into practice and producing innovative, cost-effective, eco-friendly products that give high yield making farming and agriculture a profitable business without tampering the nature



Our Processes

Our processes are interdependent between different verticals that ensure no necessity of using synthesized materials. We keep modifying our processes with innovative ways defined by our R&D team to minimize the cycles and generate higher efficiency


Our processes and products are ever-evolving with the knowledge obtained with the expertise of our research and development team who are a bunch of enthusiastic and innovative individuals who strive to contribute towards the nature in every possible way

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  • Recognized

    Tripura Biotech Limited - R&D is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research(DSIR).


    We recognize the fact that R&D is crucial for sustainable growth and long-term competitive advantage.

  • Evolving

    Our processes and products are ever-evolving based on the scientific results and expertise of our R&D team


    We aim to add-on to natural carbohydrates & proteins of plants origin and live-stock nutritional supplements

  • Accredited

    Our large portfolio of accreditations with our R&D effort resulted in several patented non-infringing procedures and intellectual properties


    In pursuit of our corporate goals, R&D activities continue to receive high priority in keeping with the company objectives to remain at the technological forefront.

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